Managing Pain

We can help people change the narrative of the stories that dictate their lives, from a story of pain to a story of health

Let’s understand the different types of pain, and the role of body awareness and movement in managing and preventing chronic pain. ​ Why does this matter? Yoga can empower us to understand our suffering (what really triggers it), but also our ability to respond in a more cohesive way.

This workshop is for Yoga teachers, movement facilitators and bodyworkers. We will take a closer look at:

  • the neurology of pain

  • the different types of pain

  • how chronic pain develops

  • the relationship between chronic pain and trauma

  • the impact of our modern lifestyle on our bodies

This workshop is part theory, part practice. After gaining an understanding of chronic pain and the underlying stories involved, you will be guided through a practice that might support people in their healing process. You will gain the tools and principles to:

Foster interoception and proprioception // explore available movement in the body // regulate the nervous system // create effortless movement in your postures // release diaphragmatic tension in support of the healing processes // strengthen the tissues // create a safe and invitational practice space.

Life-long access

Included in this workshop

    1. What you will need for this workshop

    1. Understanding Chronic Pain

    2. Workshop hand-out

    3. What this looks like in practice

    1. How we can help people improve their proprioception with Yoga

    2. DAVID BUTLER: OA Wear & Repair: an Osteoarthritis knee story using healthy linguistics

    3. LORIMER MOSELEY: TEDxAdelaide - Why Things Hurt

    4. A series of articles in the Guardian Newspaper

About this course

  • €35,00
  • 8 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content