Learn how to regulate your nervous system with the power of the breath

Part theory, part practice

Especially during challenging times, it is important to nurture our innate resiliency, so we can navigate life with more ease. This workshop is for anyone who wishes to gain some very practical tools to help them with their own anxiety, as well as yoga teachers, social workers, nurses or therapists, who wish to support their community. During this workshop, that will be part theory and part practice, you will learn:
  • about the Polyvagal System and how we respond to difficult situations

  • how the Vagus Nerve is related to the respiratory system and how this is key to managing/healing chronic respiratory conditions

  • the importance of diaphragmatic breathing

  • how the Vagus Nerve might be compromised because of muscular tension and how to free it

  • many techniques and practices from the teachings of Yoga and Qi Gong to release tension, activate the diaphragm, create more space for your breath, focus the mind, and develop more awareness of your breathing

  • ways to integrate breathing exercises in your own practice or classes you teach or work you do

  • three breathing techniques broken down step by step so you can a) practice them on your own, or b) share them with others

  • how to make this practice as accessible as possible

Your materials

    1. Sitting comfortably

    2. Somatic Breathing Practice

    1. Recording and presentation

    2. Additional hand-outs

About this course

  • €35,00
  • 4 lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content

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Recording of the 3h live workshop // Lifelong access to the recording // 2x pre-recorded bonus videos // Hand-out from the workshop // Countless ideas for exercises for the thorax // 3 breathing exercises for your own practice plus how to teach them // FREE place on one of my monthly Q&A Zoom calls (first Tuesday of every month, 19h-20h) // Invitation to join a private Facebook group for all my Yoga and Thai Massage students, where I share free content regularly