Mind Body Strategies for our current times

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Each of us might be experiencing novel challenges during this time of isolation, uncertainty, and uninvited shifts within our environments and within our own bodies. However, there are many resources we as humans can awaken within our own biology and nervous systems that invoke balance, regulation, empathy, compassion, self and community care, and patience. Join us for this online programme where we will explore mind-body strategies, practices and tools that invoke the emergence of our own innate resilience and address some of the physical, emotional and mental symptoms associated with personalised and community trauma.

An online programme and retreat

Lifelong access to all the materials from the live event in May 2020.

This unique programme brings together the knowledge and practices of neuro-science, movement study, bodywork, yoga philosophy and spiritual guidance to help participants reconnect body and mind for a more profound healing journey.

During this course you will learn

  • How to create space for self care in your body

  • How to shift your environment from confinement to sanctuary

  • Exploration practices and the importance of ritual

  • Tools on how to create your own self care practices

  • Grounding methods and immune system stimulation

  • The Yoga philosophy perspective on suffering and how to overcome it

  • Tools for recognising unhelpful and limiting patterns in body and mind

  • Deepen your meditation practice

  • Breathing techniques to help regulate the nervous system

  • An understanding of the nervous system response during stress and trauma

“I can be changed by what happens to me, but I refuse to be reduced by it.” Maya Angelou

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Who is this programme for

  • Yoga students and teachers who wish to deepen their practice and understanding

  • Parents, teachers and Educators

  • Bodyworkers and Occupational Therapists

  • People who are looking for a new perspective in the practice

  • Any individual on a healing path

  • Anyone interested in working in a trauma informed approach

  • Healthcare and Mental Health Professionals, Social Workers and First Responders looking for ways to restore their own resiliency

  • Anyone wishing to connect with like-minded people

The teachings of a multitude of disciplines will support us during this programme

We want to hold a safe space for connection and free expression.

- Yoga - Meditation - Vedanta Philosophy - Traditional Chinese Medicine - Mind/Body Therapy - Shamanism - Ayurveda - Osteothai - Trauma informed Yoga teaching -

What you receive when you register

  • Webinars

    3 two hour lectures/webinars (recordings from the live programme May 2020)

  • Yoga Classes

    3 one hour live mind-body practice sessions (recordings from the live programme May 2020)

  • Mind-Body

    Written instructions for mind-body practices and handouts on topics discussed

  • Guided Practices

    3 videos of guided practices

  • Community Forum

    Community forum/exclusive Facebook group (teaching faculty will respond to questions as well)

  • Life-long access

    Lifetime access to all recordings and materials

"(...) may I have the wisdom to know the difference between what I can and cannot change." ​Serenity prayer, Reinhold Niebuhr

Watch, learn, practice, engage, replay, repeat when you want and as many times as you want!

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The teaching faculty

Kirsten (Kaye) Wilkinson, MA, TCTSY-F, E-RYT, RCYT, Mind/Body Practitioner, SEP Student Cohort, IAYT Candidate, Qi-Gong Certificate Student, R-DMT Candidate, PhD Student Psychology/Somatic Therapy, Meridian University Kirsten is the Founder and Executive Director of Legacy Motion, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization committed to sustaining the ongoing preservation and documentation of endangered ancient dance forms, as well as promoting resiliency, empowerment, trauma resolution, psychosocial coexistence, community and peace building through restorative, movement based practices. Through interrelated projects Legacy Motion dedicates itself to evaluating, creating and implementing high quality sustainable programs based on experience and collaborations in the field. Her professional dance career spans over 10 years during which she performed with such companies as The San Francisco Ballet, David Dorfman and Heidelberg Ballet. She has held positions at The Library of Congress, Dance Heritage Coalition, and various adjunct professorships at American University Cairo, University of Oregon, University of Hawaii and many more. After much physical trauma sustained in a car accident, she has found sanctuary in her yoga practice and teaching. She is a certified Hot Yoga and 200YTT yoga instructor with thousands of hours teaching moving bodies. Kirsten’s training comes from a broad background including Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Nidra, Alexander Technique, LabanNotation, Dance Therapy, TCTSY, and Mind/Body Therapy. She is also the Founder of Healing Motion, a place where you can discover your innate wisdom, restore yourself, and transcend to holistic wellbeing through private sessions, community events, and free offerings.

Kirsten (Kaye) Wilkinson

The teaching faculty

Yoga teacher and bodyworker, Katrin has always been interested in the body and movement. After many years of dance, her Scoliosis lead her to Pilates and finally to Yoga and Thai Massage, which then became her path in life. For her it’s about the never ending discovery of body and mind, to deepen the awareness and to release all tension and stagnation. Only then, the journey towards healing and transformation can begin, the capacity and power of resilience of the body can grow, and more space for positive life energy and joy can develop. She holds a 500h Level 4 NVQ Yoga Teaching qualification, trained in Manual Lymph Drainage and has studied extensively in Thai Yoga Massage and Osteothai, including a Master Osteothai qualification, over the past years. She used to run a Yoga Festival in London and launched an online anti-stress breathing programme. Since 2015 Katrin lives in Lisbon and co-runs Little Yoga Space, where she teaches and gives Osteothai treatments, and is the director of Hadadi School of Thai Yoga Massage, offering foundation and advanced training courses worldwide.

Katrin Heuser

The teaching faculty

Tiago likes to see himself as an "explorer of life", as he understands life as discovering and recognizing what we are and everything around us. He studied and worked as a communication consultant, but discovered in Ayurvedic medicine and in Yoga a different way of Being in life. He has been teaching yoga for over a decade and has been practicing since 2005. Learning from various teachers and in different traditions, he has built a broad, free and simple view of what yoga proposes and how it can be approached and practiced in different ways. With deep gratitude and reverence to all his teachers and to the teachers of his teachers, he continues to study annually in Portugal, Spain and India. He has been teaching in Portugal, Spain, Israel, India and Indonesia for love and dedication to everyone's life and well-being.

Tiago Botelho