We are all experiencing the challenges of the current times of uncertainty and change differently, and to some level we are all experiencing trauma. This online programme offers a chance to embark on a personal healing journey, to regulate the nervous system, learn from experts in their field, and gain many helpful resources to continue the practice.

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All the recordings are now available!

    1. Yogic Vision Quest: The Journey ​~ with Cat Kabira

    2. The Power of the Breath ~ with Mela Mariposa

    3. História da yoga restaurativa: seu percuso da Índia aos Estados Unidos e a proposta latino americana ~ com Miila Derzett

    4. Finding space in Rest ~ with Brenda Rock

    5. Creating Change - a dramatherapy perspective on addressing trauma ~ with Kate Kalvinos

    6. The Power of a Daily Practice ~ with ​Krishnataki

    7. A Panel Talk: Managing the Impact of Trauma ~ with Tiago Botelho, Katrin Heuser & Kirsten Wilkinson

About this course

  • €30,00
  • 7 lessons
  • 7 hours of video content

Life-long Access

Our special programme combines the knowledge and practices of movement study, Qi Gong, yoga philosophy, psychology, yoga therapy and neuroscience to help you rebalance, reconnect and rejuvenate.

All the recordings from our LIVE one-day Online Retreat-Day are now available for purchase for an incredible bargain price of 30€. 7 hours of material - talks, practices, presentations.

Your healing journey

  • Restore & Rejuvenate

    Create space for self care in your body, learn impactful grounding methods and rest deeply.

  • Body, Mind & Heart

    Breathe to help regulate the nervous system, and re-energise your whole being with the power of Restorative Practices.

  • Deeper Understanding

    Understand the nervous system response during stress and trauma and gain a Yoga philosophy perspective on suffering and how to overcome it.

Supporting APAV

50% will be donated!

50% of all money received will go the Portuguese organisation APAV, who support victims of crime, as well as their family and friends. Being the victim of a crime can be a very difficult and traumatic experience. There is no right or wrong way for how to best deal with it. APAV support victims of ALL crimes, from sexual abuse, to racial discrimination, bullying, homicide or human trafficking, and help people to navigate through a potentially very challenging time.

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