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Let's wake up and restore a healthier functioning in the spine and get a spring back into your step!

In this 6-week course, you will learn techniques, movements and sequences that help to alleviate the tension and pain patterns that have been building up over time, to re-establish communication and vitality in the whole body, to create a sense of spaciousness and lightness, and to maintain better structural support. Regain mobility and stability and potentially recover from an injury with more ease. A slow therapeutic practice will allow you to undo the painful holding and redevelop your innate strength.​

Course contents

    1. Grounding

    2. Back release sequence

    1. Un-doing

    2. Your back pain story

    1. Fascia release and pelvic alignment

    2. Pelvic alignment exercise - takes 30 seconds

    3. Fascia release - self-massage

    1. Yielding and re-connecting with the earth

    2. Foot Massage bonus video

    1. Removing stagnation and stimulating the kidneys

    2. 20-minute joint-freeing sequence bonus video

    1. The diaphragmatic pressure system

    2. Breathing exercises to help free up the diaphragm

About this course

  • €50,00
  • 15 lessons
  • 9 hours of video content

You will receive...

  • 6x one-hour classes with lifelong access

  • Weekly additional materials

  • ONE FREE pass for one of my 2h online Sunday Yoga Immersions during the period of the course, incl. recording (dates tbc)

  • Access to ONE of my monthly 1h Q&A Calls - (always on first Tuesday of the month, 19h-20h, incl. recording)

  • Personal support by email throughout the course

  • Private Facebook group exclusive for my Yoga & Thai Massage students, where I share a lot of free content

  • TWO pre-recorded bonus videos to get you started

  • anatomical insight and understanding of some of the causes of back pain

  • detailed explanations of ‘why’

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