Resting to rejuvenate our essential energy

Restoring our inner balance

This 6-week series will focus on restoring our inner balance, calming our nervous systems, and making space and room to rejuvenate our energy. Each class is 60 minutes long and includes a short gentle yogic practice and 4-5 restorative shapes and postures. You will receive additional practices, resources, and thoughts about Restorative Yoga that you can explore at your own pace for each class.

In this course

  • 01

    Important Information

    • Quick Hello and Welcome

    • What you will need for this course

    • Embracing your Resources

  • 02

    Weekly Lessons

    • Week 1: Start where you are

    • Week 2: Settling In

    • Week 3: Receive the Moment

    • Week 4: What will Be

    • Week 5: Calming the Mind

    • Week 6: Rest to Revitalization

  • 03

    Final Thoughts

    • Reflections

    • Farewell but never goodbye

Start your journey now

Please note that 25% of the proceeds from this class supports Legacy Motion's programmes with survivors of trauma worldwide.

About the teacher

Kirsten (Kaye) Wilkinson, MA, TCTSY-F, E-RYT, RCYT, Mind/Body Practitioner, SEP Student Cohort, IAYT Candidate, Qi-Gong Certificate Student, R-DMT Candidate, PhD Student Psychology/Somatic Therapy, Meridian University Kirsten is the Founder and Executive Director of Legacy Motion, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization committed to sustaining the ongoing preservation and documentation of endangered ancient dance forms, as well as promoting resiliency, empowerment, trauma resolution, psychosocial coexistence, community and peace building through restorative, movement based practices. Through interrelated projects Legacy Motion dedicates itself to evaluating, creating and implementing high quality sustainable programs based on experience and collaborations in the field. Her professional dance career spans over 10 years during which she performed with such companies as The San Francisco Ballet, David Dorfman and Heidelberg Ballet. She has held positions at The Library of Congress, Dance Heritage Coalition, and various adjunct professorships at American University Cairo, University of Oregon, University of Hawaii and many more. After much physical trauma sustained in a car accident, she has found sanctuary in her yoga practice and teaching. She is a certified Hot Yoga and 200YTT yoga instructor with thousands of hours teaching moving bodies. Kirsten’s training comes from a broad background including Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Nidra, Alexander Technique, LabanNotation, Dance Therapy, TCTSY, and Mind/Body Therapy. She is also the Founder of Healing Motion, a place where you can discover your innate wisdom, restore yourself, and transcend to holistic wellbeing through private sessions, community events, and free offerings.

Kirsten (Kaye) Wilkinson