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    This beginner course introduces you to the basic principles of Pilates.

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    You will learn to mobilize and lengthen your spine appropriately and support all movements with your guided breath.

  • Improve your daily life

    Pilates combines body awareness and strength leading to the possibility of taking these qualities into your daily life.

  • Movement is life

    This course is for anyone who wants to move with consciousness.

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Your Instructor

Peggy started dance at the age of seven, but only later in life it was contemporary dance that opened her curiosity and understanding for her personal capacities and ways of moving. This eventually led her to teaching Pilates and Yoga. The combination of Pilates and Yoga helps to gain awareness and strength, and consequently also leads to changing habits. Peggy’s classes holistically strengthen the body and the mind and at the same time she encourages a sense of ease so that you are working with your body and not against it. Her respect for the diversity of human bodies continues to grow with every class she teaches and she keeps on following the path of offering individual support for individual beings. Everybody is different, so also every body is different.

Peggy Ziehr