Daily practices for a whole month

Do you feel in need to charge your batteries, ​boost your immune system, dust off your habits, and do a little detox?

This is a great way to explore the benefits of a daily practice and gain some easy to follow ideas for practicing on your own at home. Dring the month of November 2020, Katrin shared 'her' daily routine, which can involve Yoga, Qi Gong and movement, as well as breathing or meditation. You can gain life-long access to all the recordings, presented by type of practice as well as a day count, so you can create your own home practice.

Practice Overview

    1. Gentle hip opening and 5-min breathing meditation (day 9)

    2. Body-scan meditation (day 16)

    3. Exploring Child Pose and Loving Kindness Meditation (day 22)

    4. Meditation in gratitude for our amazing body (day 30)

    1. HU breath (day 6)

    2. Kapalbhati (day 13)

    3. Alternate Nostril Breathing (day 20)

    4. All dimensional breathing (day 27)

    1. Sun Salute (day 1)

    2. Joint-freeing sequence (day2)

    3. Gentle standing sequence (day 5)

    4. Joint opening and sun salutation (day 8)

    5. Standing sequence creating space at the waist (day 10)

    6. Gentle standing Qi Gong to awaken the body (day15)

    7. Dynamic wake-up practice (day 19)

    8. Side-body opening (day 23)

    9. Qi Gong wake-up practice (day 29)

    1. Gentle floor sequence (day 3)

    2. Back release floor sequence (day 7)

    3. Seated joint freeing and body scan (day 11)

    4. Deconstructed sun salute (day 12)

    5. Back release sequence (day 14)

    6. Gentle hip opening practice (day 17)

    7. Twists (day 18)

    8. Range of Movement exploration (day 21)

    9. Un-doing (day 24)

    10. Gentle floor-based practice with lower back release (day 25)

    11. Freeing up the upper spine for upward facing dog (day 26)

    12. Gentle hip opening exploring lunges (day 28)

    1. Self-massage (day 4)

About this course

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  • 30 lessons
  • 16.5 hours of video content